Gemini Women’s T-Shirt

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Gemini T-Shirt for Women

T-shirt Specifications

  • 100% Premium Bio-Washed Cotton

  • Fit: Standard Fit, Half Sleeve, Round Neck

  • Pre-shrunk. The t-shirt will not shrink in size after wash.

  • Order to Print - Every product at is printed and processed separately which ensures that it is of premium quality.

  • Quality Checked- We reject products with even any minor flaws in it. Each product is checked thoroughly before it is shipped to our customers.

Wash Instructions:

  • Hand wash increases t-shirts life

  • Gentle wash in washing machines.

  • Wash inside out.

  • Do not iron on print.

  • Do not steam.

  • Do not bleach.

Every product on is typically shipped within 3 business days.

Hey you eloquent Gemini woman, we have got an haute and happening Gemini t-shirt for you , to make you feel the youngest sign of the zodiac as you already are. This t-shirt comes in pitch black color with the symbol of your zodiac sign, which are the twins depicting your high intellectualism and spontaneity of changing your mind in no time. This zodiac sign of yours is printed on this t-shirt in a royal gold color. We know, you don’t give a damn to this world when it comes to fashion and many or say the entire world look up to you for fashion and style statements. Keeping all this in mind, we have exclusively designed this Gemini t-shirt for your amazing personality.

You being a Gemini, are categorized to be an air sign, it is widely believed that you have dual personalities, one is a very sweet and the other is cruel and evil. But let us tell you that your evil side has no use of cropping up here, as this t-shirt has been made of 100% pure cotton and is available in all sizes for you to conquer the fashion world. So definitely, this is the reason to cheer up and make your mind to put your hands on this specially designed t-shirt for your zodiac sign.

Being a Gemini women - you are one of the most vibrant personalities with a positive outlook in life. You are smart and can impress people easily with your unmatchable charm and intelligence and this beauty of yours can be taken to another level when you wear this Gemini t-shirt and make a fashion statement every time you step out of your zone.

We know you like to travel a lot, meet new people on your way to office or home, and more than anything else, you love to keep yourself occupied or say preoccupied with some or the other thing which requires a lot of physical and mental vigour to match up with your intense day to day activities. And your Gemini t-shirt comes handy over here as it has strong capabilities to resist any wear and tear downs. So if you are thinking about the tiniest part of this t-shirt that this will shrink or not, then let us tell you that it will not shrink at all, not even after multiple washes. Sometimes, it is better to give a rest to your overworking brain, Geminis!

All you have to keep in your already preoccupied mind is that your t-shirt requires no bleach, iron or steam , especially on the print of your zodiac symbol. Just a normal hand wash will work wonders for your t-shirt. So what are you waiting, order it now!

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